Thursday, December 13, 2012

Best Dive Sites on Gili Islands, Lombok

Best Dive Sites on Gili Islands, Lombok
There may be over 3, 500 marine species living within the reefs and seas of indonesia. as compared in the nice barrier reef ( 1, 500 species ) and red ocean ( 600 species ), 25 % of all reefs on earth are currently in indonesia.

the drop-offs, plateaus and slopes on your gili islands reflect a very good cross-section of what indonesia has to supply. dive in and feel fascinated by turtles, white-tip reef sharks, cuttlefish, moray eels, angel fish, ghost pipefish and a lot of.

along the 3 gili island within the north-west of lombok ( gili air, gili meno, gili trawangan ), are a lot of then 15 totally different dive spots and there may be new reefs being explored at all times.
meno wall
meno wall, off of the west coast of gili meno, goes right all the way down to depths of 18m. it offers a number of little coral fish like lionfish, soldier fish, gobies, crabs, further as wart slugs and nudibranches kicking off of hiding. it is additionally referred to as turtle heaven as a result of the several resident hawksbill and inexperienced turtles.

air wall
air wall, in the west of gili air, could be a terribly lovely wall that, due in the soft coral cover, shines yellow-orange counting on the career on your sun. the highlight of the wall could be a coral block at 22m within which leaf fish ( scorpion fish ) build their home, surrounded by shrimps, pipe fish, white-banded cleaner shrimps and a very large number glass fish. look directly into deeper elements for white-tip reef sharks.

coral fan garden & basket coral garden
conjointly famous for morning dives are classified as the 2 dive spots within the north of gili trawangan : coral fun garden and basket coral garden. in the very first few metres you could have the aire of being inside an aquarium - schools of coloured fairy basslets, fusiliers, banner fish live here. deeper, along the massive coral and stone blocks, groupers, batfish, trumpet fish, hiding octopus and bearded scorpion fish. look out in the blue : generally eagle rays, mantas or reef sharks might well be seen.

manta point
within the rainy season, in the event the water is rich with plankton, this dive website within the south of gili trawangan results in one of the best likelihood out to see manta rays. however even while not the mantas, you still feature a sensible likelihood out to see reef sharks and turtles.

shark point & volkers golf course
shark point, in the east of gili trawangan, could be a famous dive spot within the mornings. this dive website consists of totally different levels ( 24m, 20m, 18m ). it starts utilizing a slope of onerous and soft corals, the native territory of inexperienced and hawksbill turtles.

the totally different levels are sandy areas with little coral locks - the kind of underwater our life is massive, beginning with schools of trevally napoleon fish out to white-tip reef sharks and rays within the sandy areas, ending up with ribbon eels, leaf fish and even mantas.

volkers golf course is concerning 500 m east of shark purpose and starts with a depth of concerning 20m. it's inexperienced just like a golf course and is one of the best website out to see sharks, schools of mackerel and doctor fish.
as a result of its depth and therefore the generally terribly robust currents, this is actually a dive for advanced divers.